Best Music Directors In India

A.R. RehmanA.R. Rehman

No doubts Ilayaraja, RD Burman, MSV, Nadeem Shravan are great musicians but limited to particular region or language. But A. R Rahman, he unified India by music, and taking to the universe as well. He is amazing wonder of music world.
He is International competitor, he is in top 3 in any part of India, I would agree the rating for Bollywood. When it comes to all India, he should be number 1.
Listen to his first mesmerizing music of Roja(1992), anybody will understand how strong influence it created into the Indian Music. Most Bollywood audience listen to his music by 1993 or 1994, and hence the musicians got influenced by his music partnered the innovation & trend setting.M+302

Being a south Indian, I don’t know about musics of RD Burman or Nadeem Shrawan. I would say Ilayaraja is musical genius without any comparision. But his music is limited to the region as similar to RD buramn or any other regional musicians. But Rahman, he is unique. He proved his skill all over the world. I would rank him second or third any language, but he is the musician of the world. Every human will be mesmerized of his music, every one will rate him as one of the best. He is the only musician can be compared to any musical genius regardless of language, and country. His success in Kollywood, Bolywood, and Hollywood with highest awards in these Industry proved his excellence. One may be the best in the industry or language or region. But he is one of the best everywhere. If you through out your ego, every one who listened to his music accept.M+158

I love you A. Are as well as your music. You are the king of music no one can beat you because your music gives the feel as well as soul.M+128

My musical godMnew

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Layaraja the worlds best music composer. When the presentation of his music very critical. He is the proud of india. He perform 100 present pure music. He will touch use his music all language people. I will hope he is the best in india and all over the world. We will not remember his presenting time. At the time technology less time. He is not believe the technology. A.R. rahman only use the computer music. But ilayaraja present the pure and new tune and use real instruments. He will compose 900above films. Any composers will not touch his achievements. Ilayaraja is the god of music. He is the inspiration of all indian composers A.R. rahman also. He will not get the oscer award so, ilayaraja is the oscer man. He will grow with his achievements the height of himalaya. He is the god of music. He will perform the languages of tamil, hindi, marati, malayalam, telugu, kannada. He is score top back round score. He is the best composer. Other A.R. rahman, msv, laxmikant pyarilal also the …moreM+219

Ilayaraja is a greatest… Soul touch musician in the world.M+137

He is a trend setter in the India Music especially in South Indian Languages… When entire south was listening to Hindi songs for the most of the time during 1970’s. A man who turned all the listeners to listen their native language songs… There are many music directors in Indian film industry… But ilaiyaraja is the only composer who does all the works done by him alone… He composed for 950+ movies in 5 languages… Who has won 3 National Awards(Songs) & 1 National Award for Background Score… And I can say he is the fastest composer of tunes in this world… He is the 1st Indian who performed symphony… He handles Guitar, Violin and Flute very well which we can see on his scores…M+35

He is the God of Indian music, his style is very unique, if you shuffle one of his newly composed song with 100 other songs of different musicians, I can easily identify Ilayaraja’s song without much confusion.

His music is such a divine, he’s the last in that category of real composers.Mnew

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3RD. Burman

Most innovative music director in bollywood. Just see the variation in his music. Each score is so much different than other. Comparing him with LP, Kalyanji Anandji, SJ, Salil Choudary etc at least makes sense, but it is really sad to see that people are comparing this maestro with Nadeem-Shravan, A.R. rehman etc.M+66

Best music director ever in India. Modern music directors make remixes of his songs. An award known as RD Burman award is given in filmfare. From here it’s clear that how great is he?M+52

Rd. Burman the janak of music! He is the samrat of musicM+50

King of musicMnew

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4Nadeem Shravan

He is the best music director ever in India. If you have doubt then search his film list in which he has composed the music. He was unbeatable from 90s to nearly 2005 & now also he is producing mind blowing compositions.M+48

There is no any word need to tell about these great musician. But as a formality there are greater than great. Since composed “Aashiqui” till now, there is no any single song / musician beat them.M+38

He should be at number 1. AR Rehman is never comparable to Nadeem Shravan. If you have doubt then just search the songs ^^ films in which he has worked as music director. Maximum biggest hits from 90s to till now is of Nadeem Shravan. Please vote for him. Except RD Burman no one is even comparable to him.M+34

Yes he is world no1Mnew

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5Yuvan Shankar RajaYuvan Shankar RajaYuvan Shankar Raja is an Indian singer-songwriter, film score and soundtrack composer, and occasional lyricist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

He deserves a place in the top 3, opportunities and exposure plays a vital role
If his music is heard by the north indians then they will get addicted to his soulful music
Oru naalil song from pudhupettai is a classical example for his latent talent, just here it onceM+139

Really yuvan touches my soul… His best album is “Pudupettai”… One of the Most talented music directors but he is not good in choosing good movies.. He must concentrate the story and should give the best albums… From the few years his magical soulful music missing a lot… He needs a comeback…M+107

He is best but, many more big projects working with rahman sir then how to prove himself, he is only give the emotional into music related the situation
He is only after illayaraja sir, rahman sir always good but recently not well because these are not big project he give best music in his big project only,


Just listen to these ‘ll know who he is…pudupettai,7g rainbow colony,billa,all these shows he deserves number 1Mnew

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6Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore FRAS, also written Ravīndranātha Thākura, sobriquet Gurudev, was a Bengali polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art with Contextual Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

No one yet has composed even national anthem which he didM+32

He is evergreen great composerM+23

He is the legend.. Father of music. No one compose wht he have done. During his era todays composer can’t even think that type of melody. We salute THE TAGORE.M+19

He is the best poet, writer and musicians, he wrote the most beautiful love songs, his lyrics are so poetic and his tunes are so sooo beautiful, brings tears to eyes. I feel bad for people who doesn’t understand Bengali, so they really can’t feel the beauty of rabindra sangeetMnew

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7Himesh Reshamiya

He gave 36 Hit songs back to back in just 6 months.. He is the best music director of India.. The man with never give up attitude.. He is not only music director – singer but he is also an actor, story writer, lyricist..M+89

His tunes are amazing. He is innovative. I know there are many others in the industry who holds few of the best compositions of their times, but what is best abt HR is that he never lets his stake holders go with their albums less than mediocre. He delivers what is needed. Thumbs up Himesh… You Rock.

But in recent times, I personally feel that other things have distracted him a lot. Those songs which he has sung, if were sung by other singers, they would have done wonders. Reason for saying so is that, not everyone can hear same sound again and again. There needs to be a limit. If he aligns his skills rightly, there will be a Tsunami of Music… Yeah 36 hits in 6 months is a testimonyM+66

Himesh is the one and only Indian rockstar, I’m really mad when I listen himesh songs, his best quality is one song difrent when compare to another, he s the first indian who performed in wembly arena and many more…M+63

Love you HR
But I also really felt many other things are distracting u so please focus on your composition.
Love you..Mnew

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8Laxmikant Pyarelal

They show the Indian melody and all round music quality for the Indian populationM+17

See the results and you will findM+13

Music directors par excellence. No other music director has given so many hit songs in the history of Indian cinema. They ruled the film industry for almost 40 years.M+5

They are best for all time,they always compared with RD,KA,Bappi lahiri Nadeem Shrawan and even with ARMnew

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9Sachin Dev Burman

Best ever composer of melodious songsM+7

Those who haven’t rated him as the best may not have ever heard his songs or don’t know what music really is..M+1

He is the greatest, the bestM+3

Current western generation knows what Beatles were famous for. But current Indian generation hardly knows contribution made by early Indian composers such great SD Burman.Mnew

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10Rajesh Roshan

Rajesh roshan was good earlier, but now his music is older and not interestingM+4

Rajesh Roshan is best music director and udit is best voice singerM+3

Rajesh roshan world best musicalM+1

I Think Should be First Rating.